Reigno releases new single ‘Three Fours’ in preparation for upcoming EP!

Emily Lindsell

Reigno hits out with all new singles as he prepares for the upcoming release of his EP Content with Crazy!

‘Three Fours’, which was the first track to be released in the build up to Content with Crazy, is one of many of Reigno’s songs that displays just how much of a raw and real artist he is. The single, which was released April 8th, was written, performed, and produced all by the man himself, perfectly showcasing his creative contribution to his work. Finding an artist who puts their all into the content they produce isn’t always easy in today’s music scene, but Reigno gives us all that and more, as he even directs his own music videos and is heavily involved in every aspect of the creation of his music.

He doesn’t only stand out from the crowd with his hard work though – Reigno is also unique in his own way as he’s open and vulnerable with his career and through his lyrics, which is something that can be discovered on a listen through of his tracks. He strives to set an example for other emerging rappers and Hip Hop artists within the industry, showing them that music can be even better when it’s filled with real emotions and experiences. His upcoming EP is a perfect example of this, as he touches upon his experiences and opens up about the battles hes faced throughout his life. Although it’s something that’s rare, Reigno displays his emotions perfectly through his lyrics as he talks of his past with depression and anxiety and how he managed to overcome that and turn his situation into something more positive. His journey empowers you to make the most of everything in life, which is something you can now do alongside the positive vibes his tracks radiate.

Content with Crazy is set to be released May 7th, in the meantime enjoy already released tracks Three Fours and The Dox.

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