Can Art Help Charities To Cope After Covid ?

Art has been championed since the beginning of civilisation. People for centuries have used art to capture moments in time, its simplicity is what makes art so accessible, before technology – art was there; for communication, therapy, documentation and aesthetics. 

From the storytelling carvings laid down by the Ancient Egyptians to our modern digital art, we rely on art for human relationship and culture. Art is a constant tool, without art we would have a much less colourful and interesting world as well as a limited understanding of the world. Through art, conversations are generated, emotions are shared and these precious moments gives us a chance to deal with personal issues. 

Many different artists have introduced initiatives selling art for a good cause. Donating artworks and profits from the retail of their work to charities and those in need, not only helps people financially but also provide comfort for vulnerable people in hospitals, hospices and retirement homes.  There are constant wonderful charity initiatives from great artists which have raised a great deal of money and been a huge help to so many. Ultimately it doesn’t matter if it is your local school’s art sales or Damien Hirst’s inspiring rainbow prints, the incentive is the same, to help others!

Dmitry Art
 is an example of an up and coming abstract painter who has a desire to help others. His practice revolves around emotions and feelings and abstract imagery related to these subjects. He has just announced that he will be introducing a new art auction feature on his website. Launching April 26th every other week until the end of May, Dmitry will be offering individual artworks for sale. The purpose of doing so will be to donate 25% of sales to charity organisations of the buyers’ choice. Dmitry is a unique emotional artist, check out his website on the 26th to participate, and who knows, you could end up owning a beautiful new piece of art to hang on your wall, to inspire you and remind you of your contribution to your nominated charity.

So yes, art can be a huge help after Covid, not just emotionally but also financially – but it’s up to all of us to participate and share these worthwhile causes. This will generate a circle of giving back – something the world so desperately needs and what’s a better way to do it than through art!?

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