JC Stormz defying the odds with new track ‘Why We Do’

Emily Lindsell

JC Stormz is quite literally taking the UK rap scene by storm with his all new track ‘Why We Do’.

‘Why We Do’ comes just 2 months after his collaboration with MASTERIA, which has so far accumulated around 60,000 streams (and is on the rise even higher as each day passes). His previous success has lead up to the perfect atmosphere for this release, with support from organisations such as BBC Introducing Manchester and Reprezent, who have backed him throughout his emerging career.

“JC Stormz has been bringing out some big music lately, He’s been working a lot” – DJ Roesh, BBC Music Introducing Manchester.

The track itself, which was produced by accredited producer Dyno, is a reinvention of The Game and 50 Cent’s hit “How We Do”, with the added twist of JC Stormz’ flowing lyrics. Reinventing old tracks is something JC enjoys, and is a theme he’s looking to continue within his future releases. His added input on old classics brings a perfect combination of nostalgia and modernness, bringing back tracks that were the songs of people’s younger years but with a refreshing new twist to them. The quality of the lyrics that he features on his tracks is outstanding. He creates pieces that get your brain working as he tells stories of his past experiences and situations that he’s found himself in. The storytelling aspect is another twist he brings to these old tracks when he reinvents them, taking the music he grew up with and making it his own.

Although he’s becoming a rising star within the UK rap scene, it may come as a surprise that JC Stormz is actually Isle of Man based. When you think of someone who has heavy involvement within UK rap, I’m sure the Isle of Man isn’t the first place you’d expect them to be from, however JC Stormz is based there and is still creating banger after banger and attracting attention from thousands of listeners across the UK. He’s already defied the odds with his previous successes, and there’s plenty more to come from him!

You can listen to Why We Do for yourself here.

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