StarMoney releases all new single ‘Catfish’

Emily Lindsell

StarMoney has recently released new single catfish, taking a stand against all the fakeness he sees everyday online.

The track, which features Snap Capone, is the definition of real music, touching up on how you don’t really know anyone you think you know online. The lyrics talk of how people can completely fake their lives on social media, making their online reality completely different to what it’s like in real life. He says the main focus is on how people try to make themselves look better than others by being flashy with their money and assets, when realistically they’re no better off than any of their followers.

This is something StarMoney has strong opinions on, as he states “Nowadays there are a lot of guys out there pretending to be gangsters or rich bawlers when really they are not. Instead, they fool the public by using their Instagram pretending to be someone of money and power on the streets or even off the streets and they use this act to gain status, publicity and fame”.

This theme can be applied to most scenarios online, not just in terms of people pretending to be richer than what they are, making the track very relatable to people across the globe. No matter who you are, if you have social media you’ve probably found yourself in a situation where someone is completely different online to what they’re like in person, so you can get behind this song and everything it stands for! Being able to relate to tracks is something that’s not always common in today’s music scene, but it’s something that StarMoney masters perectly!

Catfish isn’t the only track of StarMoney’s that incorporates issues in today’s society into it’s lyrics, as he prides himself on raising awareness for causes through his songs. Whilst you can definitely see his passion for change in his lyrics, it’s hard to miss just how passionate he is through the vocals and production of his tracks. Every track StarMoney puts out is full of raw emotion and the need for the world to do better, showing just how real and grounded he truly is.

You can watch the music video for StarMoney’s track Catfish here.

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