Victoria Hoffman hits out with Indie single ‘Hopeless Love’

Emily Lindsell

Hopeless Love is the third single to come from Victoria Hoffman as she prepares for the release of her debut album later on in 2021. Her strong sense of determination to defy all odds and succeed in her goals has lead her to where she is today – writing and singing the music she loves, and letting the world hear her voice!

Victoria decided to take the indie-folk route with Hopeless Love, writing a tale of two people with a twisted kind of love story. The lyrics follow the couple through their life and relationship, talking of how they meet and have an instant intense connection, right through to when they have to part from one another and live their lives with other people. The song results in the girl moving away and starting her own family, leaving her wondering what could’ve been if she’d stuck with the boy she felt such a strong connection to. The general message I interpreted from the lyrics is to always follow your heart, and to not settle for something just because you find it easier, in the end you will always be left with the lingering thoughts of what could’ve been different.

The fact that such strong messages can be portrayed through her storytelling showcases just how much songwriting talent Victoria holds.

Victoria is mastering her genre, creating music that is slightly outside of the box and not always supported by everyone. Despite the initial negative reaction to her making the music she wants to make, she’s grown to be comfortable within her chosen genre, and the criticism she first gained has now spurred her on to be an even better artist and songwriter. Victoria has definitely secured herself with where she wants to be sound-wise, and has produced a piece of music that proves exactly that. Hopeless Love is a perfect response to everyone who doubted her, showing them just how much she can succeed and thrive creating the music that she wants to make!

You can listen to Hopeless Love here.

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