LearningToDive release 80’s inspired album ‘Norwegian Pop’

Emily Lindsell

New Zealand based LearningToDive (AKA Bravo Bones) has released his debut album Norwegian Pop! The album takes inspiration from the 80s and follows an electro-pop theme, with influences from a mix of different genres such as trip hop, synth-pop and shoegaze.

This album takes you on a completely different journey in comparison to his last musical project, both with his musical style and the themes behind the songs he releases. His album portrays how he’s grown, as he begins to put more observation and focus into how he portrays the world and how he handles his life and responsibilities – something he didn’t consider as much in his previous projects. This has also lead him to become more in touch with his music influences and inspirations, and his love for different musical genres. This has had impact on the music he’s released, as Norwegian Pop has aspects that resemble different styles of 80s music.

The album touches upon many different serious themes within the world, which is very fitting for current times as people are beginning to become more aware of their surroundings and issues that are ongoing. Each track raises awareness of the current problems in society, politics, and even his own personal life, which shows just how honest and open he is within his work. Raw, honest music is something that’s not always easy to find, but there’s plenty of it within this album, showing Bravo Bones’ vulnerable side as he contemplates everything within today’s world.

Don’t just take my word for it, many sources have also credited LearningToDive for his sheer talent, with Indie Central labelling one of his recent singles as “a truly breathtaking single full of anthemic atmospherics, ambient dream pop and a smattering of shoegaze“. Happy Mag also stated that his work was “Gloriously atmospheric production…full of vigour, spirit, and social commentary”.

You can listen to the album for yourself here.

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