Steady Rollin release creative new video for ‘Must I Die Alone’

Emily Lindsell

Steady Rollin, with the help of animator Markantony, have pieced together a creative new music video to accompany their recently-released single ‘Must I Die Alone’.

The video is completely animated by Markantony, and follows the story of the song’s lyrics as it describes a fisherman struggling in a sea storm. The animations bring the song to life, showcasing a further meaning in the lyrics and providing imagery to the band’s excellent way of storytelling through music.

The video itself is the perfect way of portraying appreciation for art, something that is needed in our current climate more than anything as more and more artists are finding themselves struggling through the pandemic in the field they love the most. The release of the music video celebrated art in all forms as it displayed just a few of the many aspects of the creative industry, bringing recognition to the hard work artists put in to produce content. Through recent controversy over the judgement of the arts industries being classed as ‘non-essential’, this music video proves exactly why arts ARE essential, and why people within the industries and their notable talent are a force to be reckoned with.

Steady Rollin have a strong belief in real music that is heavily instrumental and can be played well live, which goes hand in hand with their appreciation of art across all platforms, as they have a love for raw talent. Their music reflects their passions, as everything they put together is orchestrated with the intention of focusing on the instrumentals in their songs, something which can’t be otherwise reproduced by electronic sounds and styles. This was partially inspired by some of their inspirations, who are prominent within their sound, such as The Who and Cream.

When live music finally returns, Steady Rollin will be the ones to see as they take their new tracks up to the stage and play them with the intensity they were made to be performed with!

You can watch the video for Must I Die Alone here.

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