Judith Haustein hits out with new single ‘Freeze’

Emily Lindsell

German musician Judith Haustein recently released her new single ‘Freeze’, a 90s inspired track featuring her brother MC BNZ, Adam Osmianski on the drums, Ferg Ireland on the bass, and Christian Pfeiffer bringing a surprising but not unwelcome jazz element with the addition of cello.

The single, although inspired by the nostalgia of 90s music, covers a range of different genres including both trip-hop and jazz. You can pick up on her influences throughout the song, some of which being from the likes of composers such as Avishai Cohen, and from huge jazz acts such as Billie Holiday. ‘Freeze’ is a perfect combination of her musical inspirations styles and genres, coming together to great an ice-cold track ready to take its listeners by storm.

A symbolically powerful music video accompanied the single on it’s release, one which showcased a range of creations from London-based artist Anne von Freyburg. The music video perfectly compliments the song, bringing a further background of emotion to its lyrics and sounds. The use of Freyburg’s paintings within the video shows Judith’s adoration for all forms of art and her passion for different creatives, something that can be picked up on within her compositions and musical pieces, using as arts as a way to express herself.

Freeze follows on from Judith’s debut album Fire and Sleep, which was completely produced by herself, and follows the same pattern of utilising her inspirations and love for music by incorporating her favourite styles and genres into her own work. She wanted to create organised chaos and a sense of disruption with the work she puts out, and so put all of her effort into a track that embodies just that – with contrasting more harsh, electronic sounds with soft compositions of choirs and instruments. The genre-bending track definitely achieved Judith’s goals, as it twists together different styles that would seem impossible, but it just works so well!

You can watch the music video for Freeze here.

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