Which Artists Are The Biggest Influencers?

All artists naturally have an innate interest in other artist’s work. Whether simply admiring their talent or being subconsciously influenced by their style this can all contribute to the formation of their artistic taste.

This is a topic which of course could include so many artists but initially one such artist who springs to mind and has no doubt influenced so many artists styles and subject matter and of course one of the most important 20th Century artists is David Hockney. The simplicity of his subject matters, highlighted by maybe a few significant props, makes Hockney’s work full of style and it remains timeless in its genius, from his portraits of Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy to his large scale Normandy ipad paintings.

Hockney is an artist whose work is timeless but of course also an artist whose work has moved with the times, capturing personal portraits to his most recent large landscapes. His use of colour is exhilarating and when seen in the flesh completely captivating. His enormous landscapes take his viewers into the scene and his forthcoming ipad painting exhibition at the Royal Academy will be another opportunity to experience this David Hockney:  ‘Opening exactly a year after the works were made during the global pandemic, this exhibition will be a reminder of the constant renewal and wonder of the natural world – and the beauty of spring.’

Artists such as Brian Parker have no doubt been influenced in part by Hockney’s work and his portrait of ‘Husbands’ compares nicely to Hockney’s ‘Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy’, both capturing a moment between two newly married couples, united by the composition of the scene with the window anchoring the couple, shining light into their lives.

Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy‘ by David Hockney
Husbands‘ by Brian Parker

Hockney’s ‘The Arrival of Spring, Normandy 2020’ will be such a wonderful and truly uplifting art exhibition after a challenging year and one in which we can all take some hope and forward-looking positive joy from.

Written by: Lisa Freeman


After twenty-five years as an experienced arts PR, Lisa is now further expanding her focus within the art world to develop PR and Marketing campaigns within all sectors of arts and culture, from art galleries to exhibitions, as well as individual artist campaigns and charity art foundations.

Images were taken from: thetimes.co.uk, tate.org.uk & royalacademy.org.uk