Barry Noakes opens up on broken relationships in ‘A New Dawn’

Making the move from London to Glasgow in 2008, Barry Noakes began to spill his heart into lyrics as he picked back up on an old passion for songwriting following a tough experience with a broken down relationship. His passion remained with him, and during lockdown he put his heart on his sleeve as he wrote track after track for his upcoming album A New Dawn.

The lyrics of the album are 100% honest and real. Opening up about his struggles with a previous relationship, however, Barry said himself that he doesn’t enjoy the misery of sad songs, and so ensured that each song is “coloured with refreshing honesty and humour,” and goes into themes of “a brighter future and reconciliation with the past“. You can hear Barry’s optimistic nature and positive, forward-thinking throughout the words he writes, giving you the perfect snapshot of the type of person Barry is.

The album is described as part-indie, part-folk, part-country, all of which are themes that can certainly be heard throughout the different tracks. No two songs are the same, with some having more of a heavy influence of guitar and a slower tempo, whilst others are more upbeat and have that distinct country sound that many music fans know and love. Although each song takes on a slightly different sound and direction, there is something so naturally Barry Noakes that can be heard, both lyrically and sonically, as he puts all of himself into every song he produces.

Barry’s influences can be heard throughout the album, with his general passion for music also shining through, which is displayed by his multi-use of different instruments and his producing abilities, all pieced together to compose A New Dawn.

You can hear Barry’s inspiration-driven work (from the likes of Pixies, country artist John Prine, and in singer-songwriters such as Joan Armatrading) for yourself on May 1st, when he releases his highly anticipated album ‘A New Dawn’. In the meantime, you can listen to his previously released single ‘Get You Down’ here!

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