SAINT releases his first EP LUCID, a defiant odyssey, out now

When I first listened to this EP, I immediately wanted to listen again and again. The way Saint crafts his lyrics means that each part of his songs needs dissecting; the referencing and the way the words roll into each other is an art form, an art form that Saint absolutely kills. I loved the defiance in each song. From defying negativity to defying the lies around us, Saint’s lyrics encourage listeners to both make themselves accountable and to take action – to take your own choices in your hands and do something with them.

This message comes across triumphantly in the song ‘No More’, one of my personal favourites and the impressive finale of the EP. In terms of production, the song is a joy to listen to, no doubt thanks to the mastering provided by Stuart Hawkes at Metropolis Studios and to PsyRo, who produced the EP. It is obvious that Saint’s music has been handled by professionals, it eases through your ears, making every word clear, which is something so paramount with the lyrics enclosed. The beats are engineered to bring a ‘revolutionary rhythm’ and it fits the story of the EP so perfectly. For any fan of hip-hop that has grit and direction, this is for you.

With music that is imbued with philosophical ideologies and perspective views of the world from Saint’s mind and memories, there is an unspoken feeling that this music is a mission to Saint, that it is essential to him that his music has an effect, catalyses some form of change and, upon research, I found him speaking on this very thing:

“You have the power to change your own reality by choosing the atmosphere you want to create in your life. You have the power to break down boundaries between people by supporting a project focusing on creating unity, awakening into self-love. Care for others, and care for the universe in which we live in. You have the power to co-create a movement of change designed to open human minds and hearts, worldwide, through music. My team and I know there’s a lot of darkness in the world, which has gifted us with the potential of a great awakening. Right now, we feel our calling is to send a message by creating true songs. Saint

I for one will be diving into his discography after this and am very much looking forward to what he does next.

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