Jade Moss’ ‘Hey Babe’ is a successful contemporary check on a retro tune

Yorkshire turned London retro star Jade Moss’ latest single ‘Hey Babe’ combines 40s style vocals with a modern, electric pop beat.

With the tune kicking off with Moss’ confident, sassy chorus behind the affect of what sounds like a capacitor microphone with a simple finger snap to keep the beat, this song’s beginning instantly transports you to a old-fashioned club, with a smoke-filled atmosphere and dim-lit table lamps sitting atop duel-chaired, red clothed tables; it sort of paints the picture of a chapter from The Catcher In The Rye, or a scene from the likes of the Copacabana in the 40s.

The single is then pulled into modernity, with an electronic, popping beat layered behind Moss’ singing, to provide a more contemporary foundation for her vocals, prepping the song fit for the pop charts. The beat itself is masterful; mixed by Vito de Luca, it stands the track alone as one for a summertime, easy-listening playlist. Combined with Moss’ eloquently confident vocals, and ‘Hey Babe’ is fully equipped to be a feminine anthem.

Moss also swaps between spoken word verses and her choral swaying, evidencing her ability to lure the lister in with a range of different singing styles. Ultimately, the contemporary production and very old-skool vocals is quite the juxtaposition and a combination which, on paper, shouldn’t necessarily work. Though, the end result sees Moss’ single not unfit to score the likes of Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby’, or other new takes on old classics.

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